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Venturra is a Southeast Asia focused venture capital firm investing in early stage high-growth businesses. Our firm’s primary investment focus is in internet companies that are ready to expand internationally, in sectors including e-commerce, financial technology, marketplaces, healthcare and education.

Venturra Unfolded is our blog that includes reports and articles covering the digital ecosystem of Southeast Asia. We pour our thoughts into posts every month covering anything about venture capital, startups, funding, and the entire ecosystem. If you like what you read, subscribe to our page. Get new content delivered directly to your inbox.

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Vietnam : Southeast Asia’s Next Digital Powerhouse

Vietnam has become one of the fastest growing countries in Southeast Asia with a booming digital economy. Backed by a solid macroeconomic foundation, progressive government and an increasingly tech-savvy and young population, the digital economy offers a lot of potential for startups to explore and create values. With its current impressive momentum, Vietnam is on track to become the next digital economic powerhouse in Southeast Asia. Therefore, to shed light on this potential market, in this article we want to share about Vietnam’s evolving digital economic journey, its key drivers, current trends and how Vietnam has emerged as a startup hub for Southeast Asia.

Vietnam : Southeast Asia’s Next Digital Powerhouse

Venturra is publishing reports and articles covering the digital ecosystem of Southeast Asia monthly.. The article is also available in a PDF format downloadable below. Happy reading! Over the past few years, Vietnam has become a rising star in Southeast Asia. The country has…

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VIR : Promise More Than Evident in Vietnam’s Edtech Fortunes

Over the past years, Vietnam’s edtech industry has experienced significant growth. Catalyzed by the pandemic, the blue ocean quickly filled by new players that understood the value of education and good online education quality. One of the players namely Marathon Education, aims to fill the gap by providing live online classes for better engagement and also ensuring that students understood and are able to study well.

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