Venturra Portfolio Companies Poised to Thrive in 2024

Venturra Portfolio Companies Poised to Thrive in 2024

As the year 2024 unfolds, significant shifts are reshaping the landscape of consumer, healthcare industries, financial services, and generative AI. The opportunities for disruption and innovation are immense. Venturra is proud to have its portfolio companies poised to capitalize on these trends and drive transformative growth in the year ahead.

Live Commerce: A New Dawn for Local Brands

The TikTok-Tokopedia merger ignites a new era for Indonesia's digital retail landscape. Local brands and brand enablers stand to bask in the spotlight, empowered by data-driven insights, interactive experiences, and a vast new audience. Tentang Anak, KLAR, and Zitore are ready to ride this wave, utilizing engaging live commerce experiences that captivate consumers.

  • Tentang Anak
Expert Care by Tentang Anak products line-up

Tentang Anak is an Indonesian parenting ecosystem offering resources for raising children. They provide educational content, growth tracking tools, activity ideas, and access to childcare professionals. They recently launched Expert Care by Tentang Anak, their premium line of children's health and well-being products, including nutrition, skincare, hygiene, and safety solutions. Tentang Anak and Expert Care are the one-stop-shop for parents in Indonesia to raise healthy and happy children.

  • KLAR

KLAR Aligner commercial video

KLAR Smile is an Indonesian startup that provides affordable and convenient clear aligner treatment for teeth straightening. The treatment is done entirely at home, making it more accessible and easy to fit into your lifestyle. KLAR Smile's clear aligners are virtually invisible when worn, making them a discreet option. It's a great alternative to traditional braces for people who want to achieve their perfect smile.

  • Zitore
Zitore SKUs

Zitore is a Vietnamese DTC beauty e-commerce startup that focuses on natural, locally sourced cosmetics and skincare products. They cater to the specific needs of Vietnamese skin and hair with a wide range of products. Their strengths include a strong brand identity, a DTC model, and an active online presence.


The healthcare industry is undergoing a proactive revolution, thanks to government initiatives and a health-conscious population. To provide standardized and accessible healthcare services to patients, it has become essential. Our portfolio company, Klinik Pintar, is leading this revolution in Indonesia. The favorable environment created by the government's modernization initiatives in healthcare is helping Klinik Pintar. By harnessing these trends and continually innovating its services and platform, Klinik Pintar can solidify its position as a leader in the digital transformation of healthcare in Indonesia.

FinTech: B2B Lending Redefines Financial Inclusion

The digital payment juggernaut continues its unstoppable march, but it's B2B lending that will steal the show in 2024. Venturra's and Fairbanc are at the forefront, leveraging data-driven risk mitigation and streamlined approval processes to empower businesses of all sizes. Faster financing, enhanced customer experiences, and a more inclusive financial ecosystem await.

  • Team is a Singapore-based technology company that offers APIs to businesses and banks to create and manage financial products. Their mission is to democratize access to capital by enabling any business to provide credit solutions within their ecosystem. They provide microloans, buy now pay later, and trade finance solutions. They also use alternative data analysis to assess creditworthiness. primarily targets platform-based businesses, like marketplaces, e-commerce platforms, and gig economy platforms. The benefits for businesses include increased revenue, improved cash flow, and reduced risk.

  • Fairbanc

Fairbanc Commercial Video

Fairbanc is a fintech company that provides working capital credit and payment solutions to micro and small businesses in emerging markets, particularly in Indonesia. Their target audience is small local businesses with limited access to traditional banking services. They offer short-term, unsecured loans, mobile-based platforms, AI-powered credit scoring, and integrated payment solutions. Fairbanc aims to empower small businesses to grow and thrive by providing them with easy access to credit and digital payment solutions.

While industry trends offer valuable insights, Venturra's true strength lies in its unwavering commitment to backing exceptional companies with disruptive ideas. We believe in empowering passionate founders who are not just trend followers, but visionary leaders pushing the boundaries of their respective fields.

As we navigate the exciting landscape of 2024, Venturra remains dedicated to supporting its portfolio companies on their journey to success. We are confident that their innovative spirit, coupled with our unwavering support, will enable them to thrive in this dynamic environment and make a lasting impact on Indonesia's economy and the lives of its people.