TechinAsia: Indonesian Medical SaaS Startup Banks Seed Round from Venturra Discovery

TECHINASIA.COMMedigo, a Jakarta-headquartered medical software-as-a-service startup, has landed funding from Venturra Discovery, the seed-stage arm of Indonesian firm Venturra Capital. The round was closed in the fourth quarter of 2018, and the amount is undisclosed.

Founded in May 2018, Medigo develops products that aim to build a more connected digital ecosystem for the Indonesian healthcare industry. It targets hospitals and clinics by helping them improve on manual processes and connect with patients, doctors, and other stakeholders like insurance firms and the government.

Noting how the country’s healthcare sector “is highly regulated, very bureaucratic, and complex,” co-founder and CEO Harya Bimo says that its “real problems” lie on the providers’ side. As such, unlike other healthtech startups that are patient-focused, Medigo aims “to solve problems for providers first,” he explains.

Medigo offers three types of products: an outpatient management platform for hospitals to manage polyclinic operations, an integrated clinic management application called Medigo Qlinik, and an app (currently in development) for patients to connect with doctors in Medigo’s partner clinics and hospitals.

In terms of revenue, the company takes a SaaS model for its clinic partners, whereas it charges hospitals with transaction fees.

Since March 2019, Medigo has been piloting its solution in two government hospitals in Jakarta and over 100 clinics. It aims for 3 million patient-doctor interactions this year by partnering with a total of 10 hospitals and 500 clinics.

According to data from market research firm Frost & Sullivan, Indonesia’s healthcare industry is estimated to reach US$21 billion in size by 2019. A big player in the scene is Halodoc, which raised a US$65 million series B round last month.

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Originally published on: 9 April 2019