BeritaSatu: Bundamedik Collaborates with Klinik Pintar to Develop Quality Health Services — PT Bundamedik Tbk (BMHS) together with Klinik Pintar signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) of a partnership in an effort to develop the quality of health services at Klinik Pintar partners. This collaboration is in realizing various clinical development programs with clinical partners through the provision of laboratory services, hospital referrals, the formation of maternal and child health service products to the development of a health supply chain.

Gene Richard, Vice President of Business Development at BMHS, said that this collaboration is a collective effort to form a synergy between Bundamedik and Klinik Pintar to develop a more massive health service ecosystem.

“As a strategic partner, the parent company of PT Diagnos Laboratorium Utama Tbk (DGNS) hopes that through this partnership we can expand the network and reach of health services for each of our business units and facilitate access for the community, especially to maternal and child health services. can take part in the development of more health services at clinic partners throughout Indonesia. Together with Klinik Pintar, we hope to continue to develop breakthroughs in new health products where clinic partners can enjoy the benefits,” said Gene Richard in a press release, Wednesday ( 1/9/2021).

Currently the company has 5 hospitals, 2 clinics, 10 IVF clinics and 19 laboratories spread across 25 cities throughout Indonesia, meanwhile Smart Clinic is an operational partner for more than 100 clinics in 60 cities throughout Indonesia in optimizing health services. to patients via digital networks.

Harya Bimo, CEO and Co-Founder of Klinik Pintar said he welcomed this collaboration. “With this collaboration, we hope that we will be able to give a bigger role in the development of health services in all of our clinical partners, especially maternal and child health,” said Harya.

As a clinic operational partner through a digital network, currently PIntar Clinic offers a variety of health services to the public such as covid 19 test services, online consultation services (Telemedicine), adult and child vaccinations as well as primary services that help patients register online with hospital doctors or partners. Smart Clinics online.

“With the presence of PT Bundamedik Tbk (BMHS) as a health service ecosystem, it will add to the health service network from the Smart Clinic and support us in forming connected, integrated and targeted health services so that we can overcome various problems that exist, especially in the health care industry,” he explained.

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