Tech Crunch : Vietnamese Flexible Pay Startup Nano Raises $3M Seed Round

TECHCRUNCH.COM— Nano Technologies, a startup that lets workers in Vietnam access their earned wages immediately through an app called VUI, has raised $3 million in seed funding. The oversubscribed round was led by returning investors Golden Gate Ventures and Venturra Discovery, and included participation from FEBE Ventures, Openspace Ventures and Goodwater Capital. Nano recently took part inContinue reading “Tech Crunch : Vietnamese Flexible Pay Startup Nano Raises $3M Seed Round”

DailySocial : Observing Vietnam as Indonesia’s Startup Destination — The expansion success story is one of the benchmarks for business growth; It’s no wonder that many founders openly conveyed this ambition on various occasions. Starting from national, regional, then global expansion. In the Indonesian startup ecosystem, several players have enough courage to expand overseas. The level is still regional, trying to work onContinue reading “DailySocial : Observing Vietnam as Indonesia’s Startup Destination”

DailySocial : Venturra Discovery Eyes for Investment Opportunities in Vietnam

DAILYSOCIAL.ID — Venturra Discovery Venture Capital aims for an investment opportunity in Vietnam. As Raditya Pramana, Venturra Discovery’s Partner said, they’ve planned for investment this year. To date, Venturra Discovery has invested in Medigo, Ekrut, Club Alacarte, and Antler. Raditya said to have plans for three companies that cannot be revealed yet in Vietnam, Singapore, and Jakarta. He said Vietnam isContinue reading “DailySocial : Venturra Discovery Eyes for Investment Opportunities in Vietnam”